ATTENTION: Frustrated Local Marketer...
Let Me Show You My Practically Idiot-Proof, Step-By-Step System That Consistently and Predictably Generates Pre-Qualified Referral-Based Prospects Each and Every Month!...
And How You Can Use The Exact Same System to Grow Your Own Local Marketing Agency, By Design, Not By Chance!

Clarence Fisher

Dear Frustrated Local Marketer,
If you want to generate a constant stream of referrals, where you have clients and colleagues gladly and continually referring new business to you then this is the most important letter you'll ever read.

Because you're going to discover a system that will allow you to never have to wonder who you're going to speak to next, now that your original list of names has run out.
I know we've never met, but I think I know a little bit about you...

You've come to realize that some people in this world are making TONS of money doing something they love...while others are just following the herd and dragging their butts to a job each day to get by.  

Maybe you've already tried to start your own local marketing agency and failed...or maybe you haven't yet tried because you don't know where to start

I don't know exactly where you're at in life or where you've been, but I know you're sick of status quo.

That's why I'm going to open a window of opportunity for you that has the potential to get you out of the pit of mediocrity you've fallen in and into a booming business you're going to build right in your own backyard.

Pretty soon, you'll know exactly how to leverage a referral generation system to create an endless pipeline of perfect prospects who flood your business and skyrocket your profits faster than you ever dreamed possible!

But before I do this, I'd like to tell you a little about who I am and where I've been.

My name is Clarence Fisher.

I've been fortunate enough to build a business that has gotten some pretty impressive results.

In fact, I went from waiting tables and making $30 to $40 a day to launching my own business and making $10K in my first 30 days! I know it sounds hard to believe, so just to prove it here's a screenshot of my Paypal account from my first month in business:
But before I go any further, I don't want you to think I'm telling you this to inflate my own ego. Quite the opposite actually... 

If you've ever met me in person, then you'd know that I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to learn this stuff, myself.

You see, life wasn't always such a picture of success for me financially or personally.
MY STORY: The Story Of A Poor Kid Who Wanted To Be A Rapper...
I grew up in extreme poverty (just in case you're wondering, that really DOES still exist here in the land of opportunity).

I knew what it was like to live with mice and roaches, where running water was sometimes more of a privilege than a given. At age 16, I started working 40 hours a week to help pay the bills.

With that being said, I didn't graduate from high school.

But that didn't matter to me because what I really wanted to be was a rapper.

Unfortunately, that dream wasn't panning out. Instead I was stuck working at a fast food chain making a measly $250 a paycheck.

That's when I was introduced to the world of dealing drugs that promised a lifestyle of luxury. However, as you might guess, this business venture turned sour after awhile, and I ended up going to trial for drug trafficking.

Hold up!!! Okay, so you're probably wondering how in the heck I got out of that situation to where I'm at now. Well, it was a long and winding road to say the least.

Believe it or not, getting caught dealing dope wasn't where I hit rock bottom.

I actually ended up becoming a DJ and opening for guys like Snoop and Nelly. I even met R. Kelly and Nate Dogg. But I wasn't earning a lot, and I was still tied to street life. I started drinking a lot...and then it happened...

I started doing drugs...and over the course of 3 years, my whole life crumbled beneath me. I lost my house, my job, and my girlfriend.

That's when I realized that something had to change.
Let's Take A Break And Get Real...
Listen -- I'm not telling you all this to make you feel sorry for me. It's the opposite actually. I'm telling you all this because I want you to snap out of whatever crap YOU'RE going through right now or whatever junk that's been dragging you down up to this point and say, "So what?"
So what if the deck seems to be stacked against you? So what if you've got ZERO support from your friends and family?

You can do this. You've had the power to do this within yourself all along. So don't stop reading yet!
How I Went From Rock Bottom To A Successful Local Marketing Business -- And How You Can Too!
First, I said goodbye to the "homies" and set a new course. I got a job waiting tables at a local cafe, and that's where the rest of my story picks up...
One day I came across a guy named Tellman Knudson, and he showed me how to make my first squeeze page. After that, I got really excited about a whole new career direction.
Something else happened around this time that changed my life.

I started reading just 10 pages of a good book every day (stuff like Think and Grow Rich, The Magic of Thinking Big, How to Win Friends and Influence People), and pretty soon I started to get momentum.

I started consciously thinking about being successful and how I could achieve my version of success...and things started falling in place. The window of opportunity started opening up for me...and my girlfriend (now wife) even came back to me!

As I learned more about local marketing and started developing a mindset of purpose, I kept taking baby steps each day to get where I wanted to be.

I got my hands on everything I could find to learn more. I ran into a guy named Kevin Wilke and studied his system. And I started going out and talking to everyone I knew, asking for referrals, cold calling, and talking to business owners until someone said YES!

That's when I brought home my first $1,000 check and made it my personal goal to make $10K in 30 days. As you already know, I succeeded!

But since then, I've also:
  • Started coaching other local marketers on how to build a successful local marketing agency...
  • Worked with Zanybandz™ to take their business from $0 to $40 million in just 18 months...
  • Helped take Slap Watch™ from $0 to $10 million in just 12 months...
  • And more...
Pretty crazy, right?
Now, if there's just one thing you get from my own story, let it be this:

No matter what you're stuck in right now, no matter what obstacles are standing in your way, you CAN build a successful local marketing agency.

All you have to do is say "so what?" to all that other junk floating around in your head and reach through this window of opportunity to get what you want in life!

Just imagine for a second...
  • How making $10K in 30 days would give you the financial freedom to pay off debt and invest even further in your business to increase profits even more!
  • How much easier it would be if you knew how to launch your business on the fast you could start generating real profits in no time without getting discouraged!
  • What it would look like if you knew how to find and network with Influencers who could send clients directly to you without you having to do cold calling and drag in prospects!
  • How amazing it would feel to never have to worry about getting referrals EVER AGAIN because you have a steady stream of new clients knocking down your door every month!
  • What you would do with all the extra income you made just by knowing how to follow up with people after networking events and maximizing every single opportunity to profit! Would you take your spouse to a romantic resort? Buy that new fancy car you've always wanted but could never afford? Start a college fund for your kids? The possibilities are endless!
You already know you're sick of being stuck, and you're done with mediocrity. Something needs to change, but what you need is somebody who's been through the same struggles...someone who's already done all the hard work for you by learning the best strategies and wants to show you how to succeed, too!
Wouldn't It Change The Whole Game If You Knew The Blueprint For Local Marketing Success Was Right In Front Of You?
Well, I've got great news! Here's that window of opportunity I promised you...
Introducing...Referral Network Ninja: How to Get Your First $10K FAST and Build A Referral Network That Sends You New Prospects Every Month!
My new training course is a step-by-step game plan designed to take you from square one of launching your local marketing campaign all the way to making $10K in your first 30 days! And don't worry, you won't have to sift through loads of information to find what works, then chase around local business owners all day like I did!

Everything you need to know is right inside this course that features 7 easy-to-follow modules. Plus, each module includes action steps to ensure that you really put what you're learning into action so you can achieve your goals even faster!
MODULE 1: Mindset of A Hustler
  • Discover what "success" looks like for your own life...and learn how to avoid becoming another statistic in a world where 95% of people never achieve their dreams of "success"... 
  • Find out what only 1 out of 20 of us do that is going to determine whether or not we are successful in accomplishing our goals and achieving the life of financial and time freedom we really want...
  • Learn what super-simple exercise you can do in just 10 minutes per day that has the power to transform your entire life!
  • Discover how to overcome limiting beliefs and develop genuine confidence in your own authority and ability to go out and "get it!"

MODULE 1: 'Mindset of A Hustler' Video, MP3 Audio, and Slides

MODULE 2: Building Your Referral Network
  • Learn how to maximize "Girard's Rule of 250" to connect with a massive list of clients who are going to fuel your business each month!
  • Learn what major mistake most rookies make that is going to keep you from building a profitable network that can connect you the with high-value prospects you want!
  • Learn who to connect with...and how to do you can build a powerful referral network that continuously brings ideal customers straight to you!

MODULE 2: 'Building Your Referral Network' Video, MP3 Audio, and Slides

MODULE 3: Power Network CRM Strategies
  • Learn how to take the headache out of staying in front of leads, prospects and influencers until they buy, refer, or die.
  • Get step-by-step instructions for exactly how to set up and optimize your CRM specifically for networking (If you want to join the ranks of the most successful local marketers, make sure that you're doing this!) !
  • Learn valuable CRM "Best Practices" that you should be living by...and...find out how you could be leaving money on the table if you're making these mistakes with your CRM!

MODULE 3: 'Power Networking Strategies' Video, MP3 Audio, and Slides

MODULE 4: Launching Your Campaign
  • Learn how to get out of the gate FAST so you can land brand new clients as early as your first week in this training course!
  • Find out this "Million Dollar Marketer Tip" that is going to skyrocket your business and give you the kind of clients you REALLY want!
  • Learn how to position your business as the expert in your niche to increase leads and build your referrals fast!
  • Get easy-to-follow instruction on how to approach your warm market effectively and get contacts to give you even more information to grow your network!

MODULE 4: 'Launching Your Campaign' Video, MP3 Audio, and Slides

MODULE 5: Meeting With Influencers
  • Learn how to meet with influencers so you can get them to refer more business to you and ONLY you!
  • Discover how to stay on the radar of your influencers so you can build a lasting relationship that will give you a pipeline of referrals!
  • Learn how to train your "evangelists" on how to refer the ideal clients to you (Hint: It's way easier than you think because it only takes a few key players to win the game)!

MODULE 5: 'Meeting with Influencers' Video, MP3 Audio, and Slides

MODULE 6: How To Work A Room
  • Learn how to walk into any room with confidence and walk out with leads...You'll never be scared to show up at an event again!
  • Discover a few key questions to add to your arsenal when you're struggling to make conversation with potential influencers and clients...and learn how to have the perfect conversation that gets you the results you want!
  • Discover how to GUARANTEE that you'll be remembered by the people you meet at your next you can grow your network and get more leads!

MODULE 6: 'How to Work A Room' Video, MP3 Audio, and Slides

MODULE 7: Following Up Profitably
  • Learn the secret to following up with prospects that when they need your service, you're the first and only person who comes to their mind!
  • Discover my simple "Trust Accelerator System" that ensures your prospects remember you and have access to the valuable information you want to give them!
  • Learn the top rookie mistakes that are causing you to miss out on new leads and leave money sitting on the table!
  • And much, much more!

MODULE 7: 'Following Up Profitably' Video, MP3 Audio, and Slides

What Makes Referral Network Ninja So Different From Any Other Training Program On The Market?
  • You'll get an idiot-proof, step-by-step system that teaches you how to build a successful business in your own backyard by building a referral network that sends you new prospects and clients every month!
  • You'll have access to Audio, Video, and PDF materials that come with each module and provide you with an interactive learning experience that helps you put what you're learning into action in the first week!
  • You'll finally have the game plan you need that actually turns your pipe-dream of building a BIG book of business into a realistic goal! This course takes all the guesswork out of how to get ideal clients who keep coming back for more!
Here's the bottom line: This system really works! 

But don't just take my word for it...
Why Others Are Raving About Referral Network Ninja!

"Insane detail! After watching the first module, I realized I was leaving lots of money on the table. The worksheets are helpful too."

- Nehal Kazim, Amplifii Corp.

^Your results may vary

"I've had my own agency for about five years and I've been through the course TWICE now... I set up three meetings last week with big influencers in my community, who I never thought I'd meet with... Clarence spells out how to do it, how to get in front of them, and how to make yourself valuable. I don't care what the course costs, you should get it! "

- Jeremy Friedland, Digital Marketing Maniacs

^Your results may vary
Okay, I know by now you're wondering...

What Is A System That's Proven To Get Such Amazing Results Going To Cost Me?
Look at it this way, for me to coach you one-on-one, you'd be paying a minimum of $1,000. Now, there are people out there who have paid that because they've seen what I can do. But I'm not going to charge you that.

Now, let's say you decide to set out (like I did) and figure out how to do this on your own. You're going to end up wasting hours, maybe years, with trial and error approaches to grow your marketing operation. 

You're going to keep struggling to set up a network that brings clients to you and you're going to be working 10x harder than you have to. Plus, you're going to spend thousands of dollars to sift through the "secrets of the masters" and keep your business afloat.

So let me ask you how much it would be worth for me to teach you, step by step, how to NOT ONLY:
  • Make up to $10K (or more) in 30 days.
  • Create a massive network of connections and influencers who are going to keep sending you the perfect, high-value clients month after month, growing your business exponentially!
You see, I'm not just giving you an opportunity to make more money than you ever have before, I'm giving you an opportunity to become the local marketing rock star of your neighborhood and create a sustainable business that keeps growing and bringing in profits for forever!

Here's the deal... I want to open this window of opportunity to as many people as possible. Maybe you're like me and never had a lot. Guess what? It doesn't matter because I'll show you how to go from a zero to a cash machine with my own blueprint for success. Whoever you are and whatever has you stuck in status quo does not matter.


Because right now you can get instant access to my formula for local marketing success for a one-time low investment of only:

30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
Secure payments through paypal...
You Could Go From ZERO To Making Your First $10K Your Very First Month In Business...And I'm Going To Give You My Success Formula To Make It Happen!
Enroll In This Course Today To Learn:
  • The secrets to setting up a 6-figure marketing agency right in your backyard...and how you, too, can make $10K in your first 30 days in business just by following this dead-simple formula for success!
  • How to launch a "perpetual referral network" that keeps new clients knocking on your door month after month...year after your stream of business and potential for growth is virtually limitless!
  • How to find and meet the influencers in your local community who are going to send you an endless stream of clients on're going to learn how to go from a "nobody" to the local marketing rock star everybody wants to know!
  • How to follow up with prospects to get them singing your praises because they've been getting your highly valuable blog posts, emails, and newsletters consistently!
  • How to develop the mindset of a "hustler" who will aggressively dig in and stop at nothing to achieve the goals of success that have been set before him or her!
  • What only 1 out of 20 of us do that is going to determine whether or not we are successful in accomplishing our goals and achieving the life of financial and time freedom we really want!
  • The secret "magic touch" that is the key to working less and earning more... and working smarter not harder
  • How to develop an unshakable confidence in yourself that others can feel...building your reputation as an authority figure and marketing guru in your area!
  • How to get the things you want in life by using the same key to success Ralph Waldo Emerson, William James, Shakespeare, and other greats knew...and now so can you! (It's not by sheer luck or chance that the most successful, richest business owners in the world got to be that way!)
  • And so much more!
This is already an incredible deal, but just to sweeten the pot...
You'll Also Get These 3 Fast Action Bonuses Absolutely FREE:
When you order today, I'm also going to throw in these bonus interrogations with some of local marketing’s leading experts who are going to help you develop a bullet-proof business plan that will take you to 6-figures faster than you ever dreamed possible--and beyond!
Bonus Interrogation #1: Authority Positioning with Jack Mize

How to position yourself as the #1 authority in your market and the only person to go to for your service!

Bonus Interrogation #2: 30 Days to Six Figures with Jody Underhill

How to fast-track your way to a six figure local marketing agency... without cold calling!

Bonus Interrogation #3: Seven Figure Prospecting with Mike Cooch

How to turn your new six figure business into a seven figure empire!

You'll get instant access to ALL of this for only ...
30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
Buy With Confidence! You've Got My 100% No Questions
Asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

But just in case you still have some doubts...I'll make this even easier.

I 100% guarantee your satisfaction with this training program. But...if, for some crazy reason, you decide my course isn't what you were looking for, I want you to let me know within 30 days of purchase. I'll gladly give you a full refund AND you can keep the entire course. No questions asked.
So...with all that being said...there's just one more thing I have to ask:

Do you agree that this is the window of opportunity you've been waiting for that has the power to pull you out of a life of mediocrity and set you up as a successful local marketer? 

And do you agree that this course is going to save you from a risky trial and error approach that will likely end up leaving you broke and exhausted?

Then what are you waiting for? Click on the link below to get instant access to my training program -- and start building your 6-figure agency today!
Get Instant Access To 
Referral Network Ninja 
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Secure payments through paypal...
P.S. - If you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $97, you're getting Clarence Fisher's "Referral Network Ninja" course - the same exact system that he used to make $10K his first 30 days in business and continues to use to build his own six-figure local marketing agency.
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Referral Network Ninja @ 2017 - How To Build A Profitable Business Referral Network

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